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Ernie's Importance
"Eric was the comedian, that’s not to say that Ernie couldn’t be funny, far from it. To call him just a straight man though is doing him a great injustice."
1985 - The 1985 Eric Morecambe Memorial Appeal
In the autumn of 1985, the RSPB set up the Eric Morecambe Memorial fund to raise money to purchase a new bird reserve; Old Hall Marshes in Essex.
1999 - Big Eric Tour 99
The 23rd July 1999 was a very important date in the calendar for all comedy fans. Eric's statue was unveiled and one fan tells of her Big Eric Tour.
2007 - Looking Back - Nell Gwynne
It was a cold blustery day when a film crew descended on Broughton Castle on Monday 17th November 1975.
2007 - Wax On, Wax Off
A short but informative feature covering the creation and display of the wax models once displayed in Madame Tusaud's.
2007 - Eric Morecambe Statue Trolley Token and Lapel Pin
Whilst taking in the sites of Morecambe you will, as a matter of course, pop into the local souvenir shops that adorn the sea front.
2007 - Missing Episodes
Many television companies, including the BBC, have destroyed old recordings, amongst them some Morecambe and Wise shows.
2007 - The Lost Footage
The first series of the BBC shows has been lost forever, or at least until someone discovers it hidden away in a dusty loft. The DVD contained what remains of this series, this feature explains how and why it got there.
2007 - The Other Statue
Everyone knows about the statue of Eric Morecambe on the promenade of his beloved home town, but did you know there is another, less heralded statue?
2007 - The Morecambe and Wise Story
From teenagers to stars, the road to success was not always easy.
2007 - Piccadilly Palace
In the US, the last ATV series, Two Of A Kind, was called Piccadilly Palace.
2007 - Eric's Morecambe
There is more of Eric in Morecambe than the statue on the promanade. ..
2008 - Ernie's Leeds
We track Ernie's young life in the suburbs of Leeds…
2008 - The Nignog Revue
Before joining Eric, Ernie, at the age of 11, was on stage in Bradford....
2008 - Audio interview from 1972
Recently unearthed radio interview with Eric and Ern just before a performance in Plymouth.
2008 - The Morecambe and Wise Bus
Stagecoach launch a bus decorated with images of Morecambe & Wise .
2008 - Morecambe and Wise Board Game
In 1976 Denys Fisher introduced a board game about Eric and Ern. What is it and how to play it..
2008 - The Play What I Wrote
A feature about this massive West End success, sporting a plethora of guests.
2008 - The Ernie Wise Statue
Follow the progress of the proposed Ernie Wise statue in Leeds..
2008 - The Eric Morecambe Statue
A visit to Morecambe would not be complete without saying hello to an old friend.
2008 - Morecambe and Wise Press Packs
As feature films are released, the press are given packs that introduce them to the film. View the press packs here.
2008 - We Interview….
During the time we have been maintaining this website, we have been lucky enough to interview many great people....
2008 - Going to America
Eric and Ern decide to try their luck in America, but things did not go to plan.
2008 - The Mystery Of Edwin Drood
In 1987 Ernie Wise made his return to the Westend of London…
2008 - Music Hall
The story of Music Hall and some of the acts both famous and long forgotten.
2009 - Not Now Arthur!
Who was that harmonica player that never managed to play?
2009 - Why do we still love Morecambe and Wise?
Fans know, but have you ever thought what makes them so popular?
2009 - Ernie Wise Statue - Follow The Progress
Follow the progress of the Ernie Wise statue with pictures and notes by the Sculptor, Melanie Wilkes.
2009 - Morecambe - The Play
25 years after the death of Eric Morecambe, a new play celebrates his life.
2009 - A Statue's Story
Former editor of the Morecambe Visitor tells his side of the Eric Morecambe statue
2009 - Ten Years Ago
On the 10th aniversary of the Eric Morecambe statue, people gathered at the site.
2009 - The Thomas Cook Archives
Articles and adverts from the archives of Thomas Cook.
2009 - Eric Museum a Step Closer
Eric Morecambe's Beloved Ventriloquist Dummy Charlie to Announce Eric Exhibition a Step Closer
2009 - Morecambe - The Review 2009
Review of the one man play celebrating the life of Eric Morecambe
2009 - Morecambe - The Play - Interview
An interview with Bob Golding, Tim Whitnall and Guy Masterson; the men behind Morecambe - The Play.
2009 - I Want Us To Split
A recently unearthed letter offers us in insight into how the double act of Morecambe and Wise nearly didn’t survive to see the huge popularity that it deserved.
2009 - Running Wild
Our feature explaining and cataloging the failed 1954 TV series.
2009 - The Ernie Wise Statue
Following the developments of the proposed Ernie Wise statue in Leeds
2009 - Eric Morecambe Museum
Find out how the idea came about and get the latest news on the proposed museum.
2009 - Eric and Ern Abroad
How were Eric and Ern seen abroad, and was it all that bad?
2009 - Thank You For Watching - Janet Webb
Who was that lady who came down at the end of the early 70s shows?
2009 - Museum Update - Dec 09
Gary Morecambe visits one of the potential sites proposed to house the Eric Morecambe Exhibition.
2009 - Morecambe vs Luton
March 28th 2009 and Morecambe played Luton Town at Chrisite Park.
2009 - Winter Gardens - Morecambe
The story of this wonderful music hall from the opening in 1897 to the present day.
2010 - Ernie Unveiled
After over 2 years of work, the statue of Ernie finally gets unveiled in Morley
2010 - Advertisements
A look at the many and varied products that Eric and Ern put their name to.
2010 - Ed Sullivan - The Shows
A show by show description of the routines and audience reaction from the Ed Sullivan show.
2010 - Garage Tapes In-Depth
We head to London to meet the man who was responsible for the restoration of the garage tapes.
2010 - Uncle Eric
To millions he was Eric Morecambe, to Wiggy he was just plain Uncle...
2010 - Library of the Lost Book - Mr. Lonely
Eric's first novel gets re-released with new cover and in digital format.
2010 - Ernie's Importance
Many people underestimate the importance of Ernie's role in the duo, we try to enlighten them.
2010 - BAFTA Premier - Eric and Ernie
Our feature on the BAFTA Premier of Victoria Wood’s drama, Eric and Ernie.
2010 - Gary's Year
Gary Morecambe provides this exclusive feature about his 2010 and the plans for the next twelve months.
2010 - 2010 - A Review
Our yearly review of 2010. The highlights, the news and the acheivements.
2010 - On Set - Eric and Ernie
A feature about being an extra in Eric And Ernie, the new drama staring Victoria Wood.
2011 - Viewing Figures
Eric and Ern can still pull in the viewers, as 2010 viewing figures show.
2011 - The Nignog Club
Between 1936 and 1939 Ernie Wise was a member of the Nignog Club, performing in reviews to critical acclaim; but what was the Nignog Club...
2011 - A Bit Of Bully
Jim Bowen tells of his meeting with Eric and how it helped him with his own career.
2011 - Dancing With Angels
A new television drama is in production that is heavily entangled with the legend of Eric Morecambe and based on a short story by the comic’s son Gary.
2011 - Audition Mystery
Going against all previous evidence, a recently obtained article throws doubt over an important date in the life of Eric Bartholomew.
2011 - Goaldiggers Charity Single
In 1977 Elton John recorded a single for the Goaldiggers charity. Only 500 were produced and the B side included Eric.
2011 - Restoring The Rolls
As reported in late 2009, Eric’s first Rolls Royce was saved from a scrapyard by Carnforth business man Peter Yates, we find out how things are going.
2011 - Tussauds Show New Models
Madam Tussauds in Blackpool are now displaying their brand new models of Morecambe and Wise as part of the attractions £10m regeneration.
2011 - BAFTA Results 2011
2011 BAFTA awards held in London - This year’s events, hosted by Graham Norton, was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel London and was packed with hopefuls
2011 - Wax Models Unveiled
Joan and Doreen officially unveiled the brand new wax models of their husbands at Madam Tussauds in Blackpool
2011 - Victor Heyfron - Portrait Of Eric
The man behind the portrait of Eric who continues to make changes, even today.
2011 - Audition Songs
Both Eric and Ernie trod the board as teenagers and pre-teenagers, hoping to be spotted and plucked from the dingy clubs for a bright and lucrative future.
2012 - Meet The Producer
How the producer and friend of Morecambe and Wise got the role and helped make a good show great.
2012 - Eric And The Torch
The Olympic torch arrived in Morecambe on Friday 23rd June and Eric's statue was the perfect place for some pictures.
2012 - Band Waggon
Ernie started his professional career in a show called Youth Takes A Bow, which was part of the successful touring show Band Waggon.
2012 - Morecambe, Bamforth and Wise
Jean Bamforth was once in a triple act with Eric and Ernie. Not much was known about this until we tracked her down.
2012 - Knorr Corporate Film
A VHS tape found in an atic contains what we believe to be the only remaining copy of a corporate film featuring Morecambe and Wise.
2012 - Too Close For Comfort
Ernie finally made it to Hollywood - well almost. He appeared in a single episode of the US sitcom Too Close For Comfort. Details here.
2012 - Eric Morecambe Hide Opened
The new Eric Morecambe Hide at RSPB Leighton Moss is opened by his daughter Gail.
2012 - Children In Need
For Children In Need 2012, Eric and Ernie were brought back in hologramatic form to perform once more to a live audience.
2013 - John Ammonds Interview
Our interview with the producer that spent much of his professional time working with Eric and Ernie.
2013 - Eddie Braben - A Tribute
Eddie Braben - A tribute to a great comedy writer, a wonderfully warm person and the nicest man you'll ever meet.
2014 - Eric Morecambe Day
Following the recent vandalism attack on the statue of Eric Morecambe there are plans for an Eric Morecambe Day.
2014 - Eric Returns
The statue of Eric is finally returned to the seafront in Morecambe watched on by his family.
2015 - Sunshine Garden of Fame
Plans for a Sunshine Garden of Fame to be opened in Morecambe in 2016.
2016 - Lancaster Exhibition 2016
Lancaster Museum 2016 Exhition - the legacy and laughs of Eric Morecambe
2016 - The Blackpool Statue
The new statue of Eric and Ern is unveiled at Blackpool.
2017 - The Real Eric, Ernie and Me
How accurate was the 2017 dramatization Eric, Ernie and Me?
2018 - Uncle Ernie
He may be a British icon to most but to me he will always be `Uncle Ernie`.
2021 - Strike a New Note
Tracing the changes in this early theatre program.
2021 - Alan Jubb: Photographer
Alan Jubb photographs the stars
2021 - Eric Morecambe Hide Revisited
A visit to the hide in 2021
2023 - Mike Fountain Plaque
A new plaque to honour Mike Fountain.
2023 - Forever In Sunshine
Interview with Gary Morecambe about his new book
2024 - Mastermind Questions
In episode 8 of the 2023 series of Mastermind, Yvette Fielding chose her specialist subject of Morecambe and Wise.