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Restoring The Rolls
Eric’s first Rolls Royce was saved from a scrapyard by Carnforth business man Peter Yates, we find out how things are going.
The Garage Tapes
We head to London to meet the man who was responsible for the restoration of the garage tapes.
A Statue's Story
Former editor of the Morecambe Visitor tells his side of the Eric Morecambe statue.
Knorr Corporate Film
A VHS tape found in an atic contains what we believe to be the only remaining copy of a corporate film featuring Morecambe and Wise.
2018 - Uncle Ernie
He may be a British icon to most but to me he will always be `Uncle Ernie`.
2017 - The Real Eric, Ernie and Me
How accurate was the 2017 dramatization Eric, Ernie and Me?
2016 - The Blackpool Statue
The new statue of Eric and Ern is unveiled at Blackpool.
2016 - Lancaster Exhibition 2016
Lancaster Museum 2016 Exhition - the legacy and laughs of Eric Morecambe
2015 - Sunshine Garden of Fame
Plans for a Sunshine Garden of Fame to be opened in Morecambe in 2016.
2014 - Eric Returns
The statue of Eric is finally returned to the seafront in Morecambe watched on by his family.
2014 - Eric Morecambe Day
Following the recent vandalism attack on the statue of Eric Morecambe there are plans for an Eric Morecambe Day.
2013 - Eddie Braben - A Tribute
Eddie Braben - A tribute to a great comedy writer, a wonderfully warm person and the nicest man you'll ever meet.
2013 - John Ammonds Interview
Our interview with the producer that spent much of his professional time working with Eric and Ernie.
2012 - Children In Need
For Children In Need 2012, Eric and Ernie were brought back in hologramatic form to perform once more to a live audience.
2012 - Eric Morecambe Hide Opened
The new Eric Morecambe Hide at RSPB Leighton Moss is opened by his daughter Gail.
2012 - Too Close For Comfort
Ernie finally made it to Hollywood - well almost. He appeared in a single episode of the US sitcom Too Close For Comfort. Details here.
2012 - Knorr Corporate Film
A VHS tape found in an atic contains what we believe to be the only remaining copy of a corporate film featuring Morecambe and Wise.
2012 - Morecambe, Bamforth and Wise
Jean Bamforth was once in a triple act with Eric and Ernie. Not much was known about this until we tracked her down.
2012 - Band Waggon
Ernie started his professional career in a show called Youth Takes A Bow, which was part of the successful touring show Band Waggon.
2012 - Eric And The Torch
The Olympic torch arrived in Morecambe on Friday 23rd June and Eric's statue was the perfect place for some pictures.
2012 - Meet The Producer
How the producer and friend of Morecambe and Wise got the role and helped make a good show great.
2011 - Audition Songs
Both Eric and Ernie trod the board as teenagers and pre-teenagers, hoping to be spotted and plucked from the dingy clubs for a bright and lucrative future.
2011 - Victor Heyfron - Portrait Of Eric
The man behind the portrait of Eric who continues to make changes, even today.
2011 - Wax Models Unveiled
Joan and Doreen officially unveiled the brand new wax models of their husbands at Madam Tussauds in Blackpool
2011 - BAFTA Results 2011
2011 BAFTA awards held in London - This year’s events, hosted by Graham Norton, was held at the Grosvenor House Hotel London and was packed with hopefuls
2011 - Tussauds Show New Models
Madam Tussauds in Blackpool are now displaying their brand new models of Morecambe and Wise as part of the attractions £10m regeneration.
2011 - Restoring The Rolls
As reported in late 2009, Eric’s first Rolls Royce was saved from a scrapyard by Carnforth business man Peter Yates, we find out how things are going.
2011 - Goaldiggers Charity Single
In 1977 Elton John recorded a single for the Goaldiggers charity. Only 500 were produced and the B side included Eric.
2011 - Audition Mystery
Going against all previous evidence, a recently obtained article throws doubt over an important date in the life of Eric Bartholomew.
2011 - Dancing With Angels
A new television drama is in production that is heavily entangled with the legend of Eric Morecambe and based on a short story by the comic’s son Gary.
2011 - A Bit Of Bully
Jim Bowen tells of his meeting with Eric and how it helped him with his own career.
2011 - The Nignog Club
Between 1936 and 1939 Ernie Wise was a member of the Nignog Club, performing in reviews to critical acclaim; but what was the Nignog Club...
2011 - Viewing Figures
Eric and Ern can still pull in the viewers, as 2010 viewing figures show.
2010 - On Set - Eric and Ernie
A feature about being an extra in Eric And Ernie, the new drama staring Victoria Wood.
2010 - 2010 - A Review
Our yearly review of 2010. The highlights, the news and the acheivements.
2010 - Gary's Year
Gary Morecambe provides this exclusive feature about his 2010 and the plans for the next twelve months.
2010 - BAFTA Premier - Eric and Ernie
Our feature on the BAFTA Premier of Victoria Wood’s drama, Eric and Ernie.
2010 - Ernie's Importance
Many people underestimate the importance of Ernie's role in the duo, we try to enlighten them.
2010 - Library of the Lost Book - Mr. Lonely
Eric's first novel gets re-released with new cover and in digital format.
2010 - Uncle Eric
To millions he was Eric Morecambe, to Wiggy he was just plain Uncle...
2010 - Garage Tapes In-Depth
We head to London to meet the man who was responsible for the restoration of the garage tapes.
2010 - Advertisements
A look at the many and varied products that Eric and Ern put their name to.
2010 - Ernie Unveiled
After over 2 years of work, the statue of Ernie finally gets unveiled in Morley
2009 - I Want Us To Split
A recently unearthed letter offers us in insight into how the double act of Morecambe and Wise nearly didn’t survive to see the huge popularity that it deserved.
2009 - Museum Update - Dec 09
Gary Morecambe visits one of the potential sites proposed to house the Eric Morecambe Exhibition.
2009 - Thank You For Watching - Janet Webb
Who was that lady who came down at the end of the early 70s shows?
2009 - Eric and Ern Abroad
How were Eric and Ern seen abroad, and was it all that bad?
2009 - Morecambe - The Play - Interview
An interview with Bob Golding, Tim Whitnall and Guy Masterson; the men behind Morecambe - The Play.
2009 - Morecambe - The Review 2009
Review of the one man play celebrating the life of Eric Morecambe
2009 - Eric Museum a Step Closer
Eric Morecambe's Beloved Ventriloquist Dummy Charlie to Announce Eric Exhibition a Step Closer
2009 - The Thomas Cook Archives
Articles and adverts from the archives of Thomas Cook.
2009 - Ten Years Ago
On the 10th aniversary of the Eric Morecambe statue, people gathered at the site.
2009 - A Statue's Story
Former editor of the Morecambe Visitor tells his side of the Eric Morecambe statue
2009 - Morecambe - The Play
25 years after the death of Eric Morecambe, a new play celebrates his life.
2009 - Ernie Wise Statue - Follow The Progress
Follow the progress of the Ernie Wise statue with pictures and notes by the Sculptor, Melanie Wilkes.
2009 - Why do we still love Morecambe and Wise?
Fans know, but have you ever thought what makes them so popular?
2009 - Not Now Arthur!
Who was that harmonica player that never managed to play?
2009 - Winter Gardens - Morecambe
The story of this wonderful music hall from the opening in 1897 to the present day.
2009 - Morecambe vs Luton
March 28th 2009 and Morecambe played Luton Town at Chrisite Park.
2009 - Running Wild
Our feature explaining and cataloging the failed 1954 TV series.
2009 - Eric Morecambe Museum
Find out how the idea came about and get the latest news on the proposed museum.
2009 - The Ernie Wise Statue
Following the developments of the proposed Ernie Wise statue in Leeds
2008 - Music Hall
The story of Music Hall and some of the acts both famous and long forgotten.
2008 - Audio interview from 1972
Recently unearthed radio interview with Eric and Ern just before a performance in Plymouth.
2008 - Morecambe and Wise Press Packs
As feature films are released, the press are given packs that introduce them to the film. View the press packs here.
2008 - The Nignog Revue
Before joining Eric, Ernie, at the age of 11, was on stage in Bradford....
2008 - Ernie's Leeds
We track Ernie's young life in the suburbs of Leeds…
2008 - We Interview….
During the time we have been maintaining this website, we have been lucky enough to interview many great people....
2008 - The Mystery Of Edwin Drood
In 1987 Ernie Wise made his return to the Westend of London…
2008 - Going to America
Eric and Ern decide to try their luck in America, but things did not go to plan.
2008 - The Morecambe and Wise Bus
Stagecoach launch a bus decorated with images of Morecambe & Wise .
2008 - The Play What I Wrote
A feature about this massive West End success, sporting a plethora of guests.
2008 - Morecambe and Wise Board Game
In 1976 Denys Fisher introduced a board game about Eric and Ern. What is it and how to play it..
2008 - The Ernie Wise Statue
Follow the progress of the proposed Ernie Wise statue in Leeds..
2008 - The Eric Morecambe Statue
A visit to Morecambe would not be complete without saying hello to an old friend.
2007 - Missing Episodes
Many television companies, including the BBC, have destroyed old recordings, amongst them some Morecambe and Wise shows.
2007 - Eric Morecambe Statue Trolley Token and Lapel Pin
Whilst taking in the sites of Morecambe you will, as a matter of course, pop into the local souvenir shops that adorn the sea front.
2007 - Wax On, Wax Off
A short but informative feature covering the creation and display of the wax models once displayed in Madame Tusaud's.
2007 - Looking Back - Nell Gwynne
It was a cold blustery day when a film crew descended on Broughton Castle on Monday 17th November 1975.
2007 - Eric's Morecambe
There is more of Eric in Morecambe than the statue on the promanade. ..
2007 - Piccadilly Palace
In the US, the last ATV series, Two Of A Kind, was called Piccadilly Palace.
2007 - The Morecambe and Wise Story
From teenagers to stars, the road to success was not always easy.
2007 - The Other Statue
Everyone knows about the statue of Eric Morecambe on the promenade of his beloved home town, but did you know there is another, less heralded statue?
2007 - The Lost Footage
The first series of the BBC shows has been lost forever, or at least until someone discovers it hidden away in a dusty loft. The DVD contained what remains of this series, this feature explains how and why it got there.
1999 - Big Eric Tour 99
The 23rd July 1999 was a very important date in the calendar for all comedy fans. Eric's statue was unveiled and one fan tells of her Big Eric Tour.
1985 - The 1985 Eric Morecambe Memorial Appeal
In the autumn of 1985, the RSPB set up the Eric Morecambe Memorial fund to raise money to purchase a new bird reserve; Old Hall Marshes in Essex.