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Eric Morecambe Museum

Feature from 2009

Will Morecambe get a museum?

Mark Bushell says yes..
It all started with a bus. Not just any old bus, but a specially designed and decorated double-decker that is currently carrying passengers around Lancashire.

The bus, covered in our article here, was organised and put together by football exhibitions man Mark Bushell.

During the launch outside the Midland Hotel in Morecambe on 4th August 2008, Mark got chatting to Gary Morecambe and discovered that he had huge amounts of material stored away that belonged to his father.

Not knowing really what to do with it, the idea was put forward to house it in a museum dedicated to Morecambe’s favourite son. Mark took on the challenge and met with various people to try and get the ball rolling.

He invited the people of Morecambe to voice their thoughts via the local newspaper and has also been in talks with the local MP Geraldine Smith.

Mark along with ourselves were invited to talk about it on BBC Radio Lancashire, extracts can be heard below, and we hope to keep fans up to date right here on Eric and Ern.

He talked about the process of doing such a thing, the scale of operations and how he, along with many people involved, is really excited about it.

Not everyone though were as enthusiastic as Mark, and some residents have voiced concerns. They don’t want the town to become solely the ‘Eric Morecambe town’ as they rightly point out there are other attractions.

Having said that, people just don’t go to Blackpool for the tower, or the illuminations or the pleasure beech; so any single attraction should not deter visitors.

Also questioned was the need for a museum dedicated to just one person, and maybe some kind of general comedy museum may be a better option.

Whatever the outcome, we will be keeping our eyes on this one.

Latest Museum News:

December 2008 Meetings with several interested parties to discuss locations and possibilities of incorporating a museum into a leisure complex.
Meetings with various parties to discuss funding of a feasibility study.

January 2009
Talks are still ongoing with regard the funding of the feesibility study.

July 2009
The project is still moving forward, Mark gave us this quote:
"Our short term objective on this project has been to secure funding for a Feasibility Study. We have completed a detailed Proposal Application Form from the NWDA and are now waiting to hear if we have been successful. Clearly as this is public money the application process is quite onerous and the proposal has taken some time to put together. However, we are happy with the way in which we have presented our case and are quietly confident that we will get the support that we need. If we do succeed this will be a significant step forward in the creation of a permanent Eric Morecambe exhibition."

July…. Despite what some people might have read in various magazines or newspapers, or even seen on television, there has been no descision made about the location, style or anything else to do with the proposed Eric Morecambe Museum. Talks are still on-going with an announcement expected sometime in August.

August 2009
Press Release gives us some good news.

December 2009
Press Release as Gary takes a tour of one potential site.

The musuem sadly never made it..

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