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Eric Morecambe Statue Trolley Token and Lapel Pin

Feature from 2007

Eric Morecambe Token

Lapel badge
Whilst taking in the sites of Morecambe you will, as a matter of course, pop into the local souvenir shops that adorn the sea front. These are full of the usual seaside treasures ranging from out and out tat to wonderful pieces of art.

In some of the shops you will notice a small box near the tills. These are items being sold on behalf of the local branch of the Multiple Scloris society, the Lancaster, Morecambe & District branch. Taking their location into account they have produced a couple of wonderful pieces of Eric Morecambe memorabilia.

Firstly we have the Trolley token. If you are unfamiliar with these, there are a brilliant idea. How many times have you gone to the local supermarket and not had a pound on you to get a trolley. These tokens are a substitute to a pound. They are the same size and fit the locking mechanism on the trolleys. The token, shown below, features the famous Eric Morecambe statue that can be seen on the seafront.

Along side the trolley token they have also produced a lapel pin of the statue. This is a lovely piece. The picture below does not do it justice. The detail on it is superb considering its size, which is approx the same as a pound coin.

Both items have a suggested donation of £1 each and can be found in some of the local sea front shops.

If you can't get to Morecambe, but would like one of these items, then don't despair. One of the members of the Morecambe MS society, Tim Galloway sometimes sells these on eBay. The best way to find if there is a current auction is to search for eBay ID : Tinytimsthings

If no auction is running then you can contact Tim via email:

Please note that this is a charity and they are doing this in their free time.

The Morecambe MS Charity is registered : 207495

*Please also note that is not selling these items direct at the present time. We are only drawing your attention to them!

© 2007

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