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Eric Morecambe Statue
Eric Morecambe Statue

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The Eric Morecambe Statue
A visit to Morecambe would not be complete without saying hello to an old friend.

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Eric's Morecambe

Feature from 2007
The Tour stars here..
The Tour stars here..
For any Morecambe & Wise fan, a visit to the famous statue in Morecambe is a must. There is more than just the statue though and Peter Wade is the man to ask.

Eric was born and grew up in Morecambe and many of the buildings and sites he used to see and play around are still there today. Perter Wade runs a full guided tour taking in all of the important sites, and his stories and anecdotes bring the whole thing to life.

2009 Dates
The 2009 Eric's Morecambe tour took place on 18th July.
Images form the this and previous tours can be found in our gallery.
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In June 2007 we set off to meet up with him and take a trip into Eric's past.

A note of warning before we continue. To avoid paying £7.00 a day to park, head for the railway station as some of the car parks there only charge £2.70.

Once parked up, we set about filming the promenade and statue until Peter arrived.

Greetings complete we set off through the streets of Morecambe to track Eric's life as a young boy. The two houses where he grew up, his old schools and cinema, and of course the wonderful Winter Gardens Theatre are all part of the tour.

Peter kindly agreed to let us interview him, and with the help of Morecambe Library, we managed to produce a 9 minute film taking in some of the many sites to see.

For information about Peter's tour you can contact him by email:

We would like to thank Peter and Morecambe Library for their help.

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