Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

Morecambe & Wise - Our Interviews

Sir Bill Cotton
"I used to watch them on ATV, the half-hour programme, and I thought they were very good. With their writers Hills and Green though, it looked like they were pretty much tied in."

Sir Bill Cotton

In 2008, Sir Bill Cotton very kindly gave us an interview. Read about his life, the BBC and Morecambe & Wise.

Joan Morecambe

We were very kindly invited to Harpenden to meet and interview Joan Morecambe. She talks about all aspects of her life with Eric.

Victoria Wood

As work begins on the new drama about Eric and Ern's younger days, we interview Victoria Wood about her life, Playing Eric's mother and comedy.

Eddie Braben

Eddie kindly gave us a very long interview in which we discuss his first encounter with Morecambe & Wise, Meeting them and being asked to be their script writer, the first show, other double acts and much much more.

Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton could be classed as the third person in the great double act of Morecambe & Wise. Read our great interview.

John Ammonds

John Ammonds was producing Eric and Ern from the very early radio days, through the BBC and Thames shows.

Gail Morecambe

Gail Morecambe, (Eric's daughter) gave us a wonderful three part audio interview. Listen to the audio.

Gary Morecambe

Gary Morecambe is in Morecambe to re-create a famous photograph from 1970. We caught up with him and he kindly gave us an interview.

Mike Fountain

Eric's chauffeur from 1969 onwards gives us a great insight into Eric.

Martin Whimbush

Martin Wimbush, film, stage and television actor appeared with Ernie on stage.

Suzanne Lloyd

Suzanne Lloyd starred in Morecambe and Wise’s 1966 film, That Riviera Touch.

Kenny Ball

It seems that the music of Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen have always been with Eric and Ern.

Paul Burton

Paul Burton is a film and television historian with an impressive background in most of the performing arts.

Gary Morecambe (2)

A further interview with Gary Morecambe about his new book, You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone.

Melanie Wilks

The scultor of the Ernie Wise statue.

Eric & Ern Audio Interview

A previously unheard interview with Morecambe and Wise from 1971.