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Museum Update - Dec 09

Feature from 2009

Gary during the tour

Lots of space
It was a bitterly cold Tuesday afternoon on the Morecambe seafront as a group of people entered a building almost opposite the famous Eric Morecambe statue.

The consortium working to create a fully interactive exhibition dedicated to the towns famous son gained access to this potential property to show Gary, Eric’s son, around for the first time.

“I can’t wait to see inside this particular building.” Gary said. “I have been told that the location couldn’t be better and I’m looking forward to seeing where my father’s collection could go on public display. I think it will be quite emotional as in many ways this building could become his new home.”

As the tour progressed through the deceptive 450 square meter installation, Mark Bushell, a spokesman for the consortium said; “This particular building is one that sits perfectly with the Eric Morecambe statue on the seafront. It’s almost directly opposite and despite its dilapidated state we believe that once refurbished it could be ideal for the exhibition.”

As each room was visited he continued; “It has a good mix of large and small spaces that would allow us to recreate anything from Eric’s childhood bedroom to his working office, and would allow visitors an interesting flow through the building.”

Mark was keen to point out that the project is still in its formative stage; “We still have to get the feasibility study signed off and once we have achieved that objective we need to get the capital funding in place. We have several commercial partners who have indicated their financial support and we are also looking at public sector match funding. The key thing is that we are making progress in what are difficult economic times.”

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