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The Thomas Cook badge
The Thomas Cook badge

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The Thomas Cook Archives
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The Thomas Cook Archives

Feature from 2009
Eric and Thomas Cook brochure
Eric and Thomas Cook brochure
In the 1970’s and early 80’s, more than any other time, Morecambe and Wise put their names to a bemusing amount of diverse products and services in the name of advertising.

It was a double whammy, which goes to explain why Britain’s top stars would stoop to selling lager or video games. For Eric and Ern, it meant that the public saw them, even if they were not on television at the time, or doing summer season. It meant that by the time the next series came round, they had not been out of the public eye too long. Of course whatever it was they were endorsing would get good sales, and it brought in some extra cash too; everyone wins.

It also means that they left behind a great deal of smaller gems, in many forms, to be found by fans or people browsing the archives during a bit of research.

Taking a quick glimpse through our video section will reveal television adverts for Atari, Texaco and Tennent’s lager, to name a few. Other advertising mediums were used as well, such as radio and magazines, many of which are still lying there waiting to be found and brought back to the fans.

Most of the television advertisements were done after their move to Thames, as the BBC stipulated in their contract that they could not appear in commercials.

This didn’t stop them appearing in magazine adverts for things such as Smedley’s tinned vegetables, Ford motor cars, Texaco, Tennent’s lager and of course Thomas Cook.

Despite emails to several large companies regarding archived material, we receive very little back. It is very possible that the people working at Atari or WH Smith’s don’t even know who Eric and Ernie are, but it is still nice to receive a reply!

Sometimes it is the other way round, and companies contact us asking for help, or offering things from their own archive for the fans.

One such company is Thomas Cook, who during a recent, non-connected search through their archives, dug up some interesting articles taken from the company magazine.

Marc Hernandez, Publishing Executive for Thomas Cook Publishing, has kindly allowed us to re-produce two articles plus an advert featuring Eric and Ernie from the 70’s.

These tie in perfectly with existing photographs from Eric Morecambe Unseen, where Eric can be seen posing in various travel related outfits alongside a Thomas Cook brochure, and a promotional badge we have in our collection.

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