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Feature from 2010

2010 has been a strange a year for me as no doubt it has for everyone - a change of government, and the worst global recession in human history causing that. However, it's not been without its excitement.

The forthcoming Victoria Wood TV film (to be shown on New Year’s Day) of the early lives of Eric and Ernie is one of the highlights. It's been wonderful to meet the lady, who will play Eric's mother Sadie in the film, on several occasions to discuss the project and hear her take on it. It's certainly something she has embarked upon from the heart, and as tributes go they don't get much bigger than this. I think such a big project couldn't be in safer hands. And she has had wonderful support from Piers Wenger and his team - think BBC Wales Doctor Who and you get the idea of what experience he brings to the party.

Thanks to everyone who bought You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone, which actually was published in 2009 but continued to do well in 2010. I shan't be writing any more M&W books - I think that there are plenty out there now.

Having said that however, I was involved with the M&W celebratory magazine (Morecambe & Wise Comedy Classic) exclusively for WHSMith's, which was released in October, and has been a lot of fun putting together. Paul Jenkinson of this very site has been a major player in its content and even offered copies to winners of a competition.

Meetings still occur with regards to Mr Lonely as a film project, and recently I've been bending the ear of the ever-busy (and charming and delightful) Mr Ben Miller - he of Armstrong and Miller fame. We'll see where that goes.

I have also been bending another comedian's ear, that of Lee Mack who has become a bit of a mate in recent times and who never fails to make me laugh. We've been discussing a TV project that would loosely involve Eric's name. More on that hopefully next year.

More films, this time a short, based on one of my previously published collections to be shot at the wonderful and historic Elstree Studios. This project will begin in January 2011 and feature Bob Golding, the actor highly commended for his portrayal of my father in Morecambe. I will be working closely on the project along with Paul Burton (Paul Burton Films) on the drama that has a loose connection to Eric.

And what under-pins everything is the aim of getting the Eric Morecambe Museum off the ground. Fingers and toes crossed on that one. I'm very determined it shall happen, though clearly this year came and went and with the aforementioned problems we've all to endure, we've had to reschedule our plans for 2011. The memorabilia exists, as does the interest of the British public, so it will happen at some point - sooner rather than later being preferable.

With that I would only say a Merry Christmas and I hope the new year brings everything you hope for.

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