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Eric Morecambe Unseen

Book Review from 2008


Enjoying fishing

The missing pages!
Containing unseen photographs, diary entries and notes, this well presented book promises a lot, but does it deliver?

Starting with a brief history of Eric’s life, we quickly move onto his house and more importantly, his study.

Strewn with memorabilia, this room gives us a rare glimpse into the past. A clapper board from The Intelligence Men, A giant lollipop and the famous ventriloquist dolls are just some of the treasures to be found.

Page after page is packed with old photographs of Eric, his family and of course his partner of 42 years, Ernie. Not only photographs are included, there are documents, letters, diary entries and even some old school reports.

Its fascinating leafing through this material, not only does the text describe his life well, but the images are an excellent accompaniment, giving the reader a much better experience.

As the narrative moves on, the stages in Eric’s life are all covered including of course, Morecambe & Wise, the Variety years, the ATV years, Eric’s illness and the BBC years and more.

The only negative thing I have to say about his book is the fact that 7 pages have been removed and replaced by a small piece of paper from the publishers. It merely states that pages have been removed due to copyright reasons; rumour has it, that there are some complete books in circulation somewhere!

So, to answer the first question, does it delivery; oh yes, with more than I expected.

The Missing Pages:
We were contacted by Morecambe & Wise fan Stacey Bullen who purchased the complete book, with none of the pages removed. She kindly provided us with scans;

We will not be displaying the pages in detail because we want to respect the wishes of those involved. We can however divulge the content for those like myself, who purchased the book with these pages missing.

The pages are all letters of condolence to Joan, from various celebrates (Russ Abbot, Dickie Davies, Henry Cooper, Peter Bowles, Jilly Cooper, Nicholas Parsons, Frankie Vaughan, Alan Wicker, June Whitfield, Ronnie Corbett, Rodney Bewes, and Penelope Keith), expressing their sorrow at Eric's death.

© 2008

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