Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

Memories of Eric

Book Review from 2008


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Since Eric’s death, Gary Morecambe found that many people who worked with him or knew him, had stories or anecdotes to tell. Some private, others of public performances when there was no camera to record it.

This book is a collection of those stories from many people who encountered Eric and glimpsed a part of the man as well as the comic genius.

The book is separated into two sections, one for the memoirs and stories of family, friends and colleagues, the other covering Eric’s legacy.

The first section includes a large selection of people, all wanting to share their experience of meeting the great man, no matter how little the time was. John Ammonds, their long time producer proclaims; “Eric had genius, and that’s not too high flown a word to use.”

He writes about rehearsals and how hard both Eric and Ern worked to get the act the best that it could be.

Other famous people such as Harry Secombe, Roy Castle and of course Des O’Connor all share their memories with eagerness, many with photographs to accompany the stories.

Roger Moore, who despite wanting to appear on their shows, was always busy making Bond movies, says; “We spent many happy hours together and had many, many laughs. Especially when we were in the company of Tommy Cooper and Mike and Bernie Winters. We would end up by sitting back and just being fascinated by the banter between Eric and Tommy.” – What a night that must have been.

Crammed full of photographs, this book is a great read, whether just for a few moments, or if you have a few hours to spare – you won’t be disappointed.

If you needed any proof how much Eric is respected and loved, take a look at any part of this great book.

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