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Ernie's Leeds
We track Ernie's young life in the suburbs of Leeds…

The Nignog Revue
Before joining Eric, Ernie, at the age of 11, was on stage in Bradford....

The Nignog Club

Feature from 2011

Letter welcoming new members...

Dear Nignog No 45005,

I am very pleased indeed to welcome you as a member of the Children's Ring and the Nignog Club. Now that you are a fully-fledged Nignog I hope you will try to make your friends Nignogs as well.

I enclose your Nignog Badge and your Card of Membership, with your name, address and your Nignog number. Of course, you will obey the rules of the Children's Ring, and you will not forget all that I have told you in my long article about the Nignog Club.

The chief points were:
1 For intending members to complete and send in the Nignog Entrance Coupon without delay.
2 That you should always go out of your way to talk to other children and tell them about the Nignog Club.
3 That you should always try to help other children; particularly those from foreign countries who might need your help or advice.
4 That you should sometimes write a letter to a lonely child.
5 That you should always look after animals.

"The Chief Ringers" - Uncle Mac and Uncle Ernest - Welcome You, Our Nignog!"
You may always write to me. Good luck and be a good Nignog. Says, "UNCLE MAC."

And here is the Nig Nog song, sung at the gang shows...

Hullo everybody, hullo everybody,
Hullo Nignogs, hullo,
The Nignogs say each morning
When daylight is dawning
Hullo Nignogs, hullo. .

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