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Gary Morecambe
Gary Morecambe

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We Interview Gary Morecambe

In late November 2007 we set off to Morecambe to meet and interview two people who were part of Eric Morecambe’s life.

The first was Gary, his son. Gary was in Morecambe to re-create a photograph of himself and his father kicking a football around the ground from 1970, many of you will know which one we mean. He was also there to promote his new book Dancing With Angles and Other Short Stories.

The other person was Mike Fountain, Eric’s chauffeur from 1969 to 1984.

As Mike and Gary are still close friends we interviewed them together, and so through out the interviews, each of them contribute.

In this first interview Gary talks about the early days of being Eric’s son, his new book, his writing work, his part in the Morecambe & Wise phenomenon, progress on the Mr. Lonely project, how he completed Stella, Eric as a man, the move to Thames and much more.

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To purchase a copy of his new book you can grab it from Amazon.
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