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Chaos when the boys go to war

1967 Article

The battle starts

No matter where they go, trouble seems to follow Eric and Ernie around like a faithful bloodhound.

In their latest film, The Magnificent Two, Morecambe and Wise are travelling salesmen, flogging toy soldiers. Suddenly, they run slap bang into the middle of a South American revolution – where the soldiers are no toys!

By an unlikely mistake, Eric is taken by the rebels for Torres, the British-educated son of the late President or Parazuellia. They rush him and Ernie off to rebel headquarters, where a short – but very plain – ultimatum is given. The rebel chief will buy all their goods for a million pesos… if Eric will pose as Torres.

The Presidential uniform is a perfect fit – except for the bullet holes…

Life looks up for our reluctant heroes when they are introduced to a general. Name: Carla. Appearance? Very much to Eric’s taste. By a stroke of luck, Carla’s aide, Jeanita, is very much to Ernie’s taste. (The girls are played by Germany’s Margit Saad and Scots lass Isobel Black).

After a big battle, Eric is paraded about as the new president and he thoroughly enjoys the feeling of power. Then comes another revolution… Eric and Ernie’s!

Photograph Captions:
1. Cor! The second revolution takes place. And there’s no doubt about it, Eric and Ernie have found themselves an army which is in very good shape indeed. Dedicated bunch of girls too – ever ready to strip for action! Naturally when the enemy see this charge of the bra and pantie brigade they don’t stand a chance. They stop.. and stare… and surrender… and just beg to be taken prisoner.

2. Cor! Ablutions were never like this at Catterick! Eric suddenly realises that the ‘fella’ he was showering with was the curvy Colonel Carla (Margit Saad). Still, she’s a good sort to have around whatever the situation, as Eric discovers when he’s tricked into literally signing his own death warrant. It’s then that Carla plans the second revolution – and leaves backward Eric in charge of the forward gun.

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