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You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
Review of the book by Gary Morecambe.

Eric Morecambe Lost and Found
Gary Morecambe releases another book full of anecdotes accompanied by previously unseen pictures and pages from his fathers notebook.

Driving Mr Morecambe

Review from 2013
PublisherAuthors Online
AuthorMichael Fountain
Limited Stocks
Not everyone can say they’ve held Eric Morecambe’s bongos….

For the first time we are allowed access to what it was like to work for Eric.

Driving Mr Morecambe launches on 1st November and includes previously unpublished images.

With forewords from Eric’s own children, Gary and Gail, this funny and at times desperately sad book will take you on a personal journey through the life and times of a normal man, who just happened to be Eric Morecambe’s trusted chauffeur.

Getting closer than anyone to Eric’s world, this book gives an insider’s view behind the scenes of his private and very public life. Celebrity encounters, setting fire to a dressing room, house sitting and taking care of a dummy, he dealt with whatever was needed in Eric’s life and was considered part of the family.

This book could also be titled - ‘Comic Genius saved my life’ and is unlike any book previously written about Morecambe and Wise.

Michael Fountain became Eric’s chauffeur in 1969, just after the comedian’s first heart attack, remaining a loyal and close friend until his death in 1984.

The book begins by taking in Michael’s early life and this gives you a feel for the kind of person he is. He recounts tales of boyhood mischief and later his progression through the ranks of a car hire business to the point of owning it.

It is at this point that Eric had his heart attack and as a result, Michael became his chauffeur. Not only that, but as the years passed, his handyman, pool attendant, window cleaner, house sitter and more importantly friend.

Michael takes us on his journey through script readings, rehearsals and recordings, through charity luncheons and private family events, where he was ever present behind the wheel of the famous EM 100 Rolls Royce.

The book, subtitle A Chauffeur’s Story, is just that, a story of an ordinary man who just happened to be the chauffeur of Britain’s funniest comedian. Meetings with other famous people, trips to Buckingham Palace and numerous cheese sandwiches.

Things obviously lead to the sad events of Tewksbury in 1984 and move on to the present day, right up to 2013.

The book includes quite a few photographs, a lot being published here for the first time, and submitted to the author for inclusion from the fans personal archive.
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