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I share the same philosophy as Eric. We've been around for far too long to become conned by success; thank God I've got in Doreen a sensible wife who acts as a stabiliser in every facet of my life.

Of course we're lionised; Morecambe and Wise are the 'in' people at the moment. As a film producer once said, we're liked by the vodka-for-breakfast set; but that doesn't mean we want to attend endless parties and have dinner in other people's houses.

I have only to ask myself, would they want to invite me if I was Eric Wiseman, manager of the Downtown Building Society? According to Eric they would because they'd know that there's more money in my building society!

He's always pulling my leg about my business ability. I handle the partnership's business affairs, and in this profession you've got to be a step ahead. You've got to consider all the angles.

I never had any real education, going on to the stage at 13. Sometimes I'm amazed that I can hold my own converse with people at the top. The higher you get, the cleverer they are. I'd like to have a vast fund of knowledge; I'd like to speak French. One of these days I'll settle down and study. Maybe I'll join a latter-day university. I like visiting universities and talking to young people.

But Eric and I have shared the university of experience. We have a rapport that is sometimes uncanny, it's like a marriage without the fun!

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