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Morecambe and Wise - The Greatest Moment
Broadcast to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the 77 Christmas show that reached a staggering 28 million viewers, this 90 minute special was really two programmes in one.

Eric and Ern at Xmas

2018 Article
Festive fun
Festive fun
Here is a list of shows featuring Eric and Ern over the 2018 festive season.

If we have missed any, please let us know.

23rd Dec GOLD 2.55pm M&W Greatest Hits
23rd Dec GOLD 4.25pm Bring Me M&W

24th Dec GOLD 3pm Bring Me M&W

25th Dec GOLD 9.30am Bring Me M&W double bil
l 25th Dec GOLD 6.40pm M&W Greatest Moments

26th Dec BBC2 7.05pm Xmas Show 1971
26th Dec BBC2 7.50pm M&W The Lost Tapes 1 of 2
26th Dec BBC2 8.30pm M&W The Lost Tapes 2 of 2

27th Dec GOLD 6.30pm M&W Greatest Moments
27th Dec GOLD 8.00pm M&W in America 1 of 3

30th Dec GOLD 6.00pm M&W in America 1 of 3

31st Dec GOLD 10.20pm M&W in America 1 of 3

1st Jan GOLD GOLD 6.50pm M&W in America 1
1st Jan CH5 7.15pm M&W Story - Look Back at Laughter

3rd Jan GOLD 8.00pm M&W in America 2

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