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Feature from 2008

Clifford Guest

Frankie Howerd

Heinie Brock
Clifford Guest
Clifford Guest was an Australian born, American ventriloquist. He was also a magician and collector and manufacturer of magic apparatus.

His initial act was not the typical ventriloquist routine with a doll, but more of a sound imitator. He would amaze audiences with sounds of air raids, hunts, crying babies and trains and was the equivalent of a special sound effects library.

As part of his act he of course used a doll, Lester, which slowly took over the entire show, much to his distaste. He often referred to it as “that silly little doll”.

Frankie Howerd
Needing no introduction, I think we all remember Frankie from TV programmes like Up Pompei and the Carry On series.

He was, of course, also a stand up comic, loved by fans the world over and was responsible for a whole host of catch phrases.

Titter ye not... don't mock Francis…

Heinie Brock
You just don't get act like this anymore, do you?

Henie Brock was rated as one of the world’s most hilarious figure skating comics. Yes that’s right, a figure skating comic.

He has been described as being a wizard in the art of pantomime and subtle comedy. He was a diminutive comedian, hilarity maker and laugh producer.

He perfected his own inimitable exposition of buffoonery, travesty, burlesque and merriment on skates. His collapsible legs, funny feet and quizzical expressions have made millions laugh.

He was also noted for his shrewd timing and the clever manner in which he builds “gag.”

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