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Morecambe v Luton - Programme Article

2009 Article

Know All

Gary and Eric

The following is an extract from the official match programme. Our thanks to Peter McGuigan for allowing us to use it.


Good afternoon to everyone connected with Luton Town Football Club and to the supporters who have made the journey up to the Lancaster coast.

I’m sure some of you will have paid a visit to Eric’s statue and of course like yourselves, it was always going to be Eric again today who will feature on the front cover.

Eric of course was a former resident of the club and whilst his heart was with the Hatters as you can see from the various pictures on here he had very strong connections with his birth place.

Like Clive Lee I have had a recent sort out in the loft and garage and came across some old comic goodness. I must have been 7 or 8 when I was buying Scorcher and Score and reading Billy’s boots and the player profiles inside its pages.

I thought the following picture was so apt with Know All telling us all about the successful Luton Town team of 1971. I think it was that years Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show where Eric used the roman sign to show off his allegiance to the Hatters!

The next picture show Eric kicking a ball on the Christie Park pitch now I’m not sure who the young man is pictured with him* but I’m sure someone will tell me and I have to thank Lawrence Bland for digging that one from the Archive. It can’t be Wiggy that’s for sure as Wiggy must be 60

That’s Michael Threlfall of course and Eric’s famous nephew here in Morecambe who keeps in regular contact with Eric’s son Gary. It’s a shame that this could be our last meeting after waiting so may years to have competitive fixtures and I won’t go into the reasons regarding the 30 point penalty save to say that I think we all feel for the true supporters of Luton Town and hope that if relegation is a reality that you can bounce back at the first time of asking.

I know it’s been a very tough season for everyone concerne4d but hope you can enjoy our hospitality off the pitch today.

*The boy is Gary – Eric’s son.

© Morecambe Town FC 2009

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