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Feature from 2010

Ed Sullivan
It is documented elsewhere on this site (see the links to the left) about the American exploits of Morecambe and Wise....

How they went over at the invitation of the very popular show host Ed Sullivan, and how they didn’t go down as planned.

This has been attributed to many things such as speaking too fast or the divide in America/English humour, the allotted strict time or the sometimes gung-ho editing to suit advertising.

The material is rarely seen, if ever, in the UK, with the only available clip coming as part of the Beatles DVD set, of the bands appearance on the show.

But what of the other material, is it really that bad?

In this article we will describe each appearance in chronological order along with images, so that at least if you never get to see the footage, you know what was in it.

Updates to this section will be on-going until we have completed the set.

17th March 1963
24th March 1963
4th August 1963
3rd November 1963
23rd February 1964
24th May 1964
26th July 1964
2nd May 1965
26th November 1967
7th January 1968
4th February 1968
5th May 1968

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