Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

What A Boy!

This is a series of pictures from TV Mirror magazine in 1956, along with a very brief story.

The Scene: Blackpool. Enter comics Morecambe and Wise.
The boy? Well, they discovered who he was, but not until too late…
"Clearly the boy's in impecumious straits," says M, but W disagrees. "Nonsense, he hasn't got a bean. Let's treat him."
The good deed done, M is anxious to be gone.
"The lad's uncommonly clumsy with that ice cream."
Alas, the ice just served as an appetiser. Says W, nervously, counting his money:
"From his appetite I'd say he eats regularly - once a year."
"What's your name son?" they ask, wondering how to pay for their own lunch.
Jimmy Clithero points to the nearest poster. And they realise that when they took Jimmy to lunch, Jimmy took them for a ride…

© TV Mirror 1956

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