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Melanie Wilks
Melanie Wilks

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The Other Statue
Everyone knows about the statue of Eric Morecambe on the promenade of his beloved home town, but did you know there is another, less heralded statue?

The Ernie Wise Statue
Follow the progress of the proposed Ernie Wise statue in Leeds..

Ernie's Leeds
We track Ernie's young life in the suburbs of Leeds…

Melanie Wilks Interview
We interview Melanie Wilks, Scultor of the Ernie Wise statue.

Ernie Unveiled
After over 2 years of work, the statue of Ernie finally gets unveiled in Morley

Ernie Wise Statue - Follow The Progress

Feature from 2009
The storey of the Ernie Wise statue began back in 2007 with a letter to a local newspaper…

You can read the full storey to find out the background of the project.

Through this feature you can follow the progress of the statue from a lump of stone to finished piece and the final unveiling. Melanie Wilks, the sculptor, will be providing us with photographs and updates as the work progresses.

Stone June 2009
The stone has been found. A lovely piece of stone, but two to three times too big…
Stone Ian Howgate of Calder Masonry very kindly came to the rescue by splitting the oversized block.
Stone Now have a perfectly proportioned stone for the Ernie Wise statue, and have already made a good start.
Stone July 2009
Doreen Wiseman came to visit the quarry to see the beginning of the carving of her husband's statue. Pictured L to R are Doreen, Melanie, Florence, (Doreen's friend) and Judith Elliott (Lord Mayor of Leeds).
Doreen was received in style by the Lord Mayor, who is also Chair of Morley Murals.
Doreen was very pleased and has lent Melanie treasured photos of Ernie, along with measurements of his person.
Stone The finished figure will be 15% larger than he was in life. At the moment the stone is still on it's side and is due to be righted on shortly.
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