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Ernie Wise seek that Good Samaritan

1968 Article

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Comedian Ernie Wise is looking for the Good Samaritan who drove his partner, Eric Morecambe, to Leeds Infirmary after he had been taken ill in the city in the early hours.

Mr. Morecambe, who was driving home from Barley Variety Club, is in Leeds Infirmary recovering from a slight heart attack.

Mr. Wise said: “I don’t know who the man is, but I would like to thank him. It was very good of him.”

Clue from taxi man

Mr. Wise, who was appearing with his partner at the Batley club, was today given a clue about the man who rushed Mr. Morecambe to hospital.

The clue to the man’s identity came from Mr. George Wood, a taxi proprietor of Lulworth Close, Whitkirk, who took the man home after Mr. Morecambe had been taken to hospital.

He said: “The man was aged between 25 and 30. He was slightly built and had sharp features.” Mr. Wood added: “The man told me he was walking near Leeds Parish Church when a car pulled up. The driver asked if he knew where the nearest hospital was as he was in pain.”

No name

“The driver then asked if the man could drive and he drove Mr. Morecambe to the Infirmary. He must have gone inside the hospital but did not leave his name.”

Mr. Wood said the man then walked down to the taxi rank in Quebec Street. “I dropped him off at Thwaite Gate, near the Red Lion. He must live nearby.”

Mr. Morecambe was said to be ‘progressing satisfactorily’ at Leeds Infirmary today.

Three months

He and Mr. Wise, both aged 42, were midway through a two week engagement at the Batley club when Mr. Morecambe was taken ill.

Mr. Wise said today: “I have seen Eric in hospital and I think it is going to be about three months before the act gets going again.”

The Morecambe and Wise spot at the club was taken over by comedian Ted Rogers and Comedienne Joan Turner.

Good Samaritan Found
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