Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

The Intelligence Men

DVD Review from 2008

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Get out of that…

Eric and Ern as bikers
The Intelligence Men was Eric and Ern’s first foray into the film format. Could their brilliant comedy from the hugely popular TV 30 and 40 minute TV shows transfer to the big screen?

Sadly the answer has to be no. It's not that they are not funny, more that their style and timing are much better suited to short snappy sketches and gags, and not long drawn out plots with gags thrown in now and then.

The plot for this film involves MI5 - who lose an agent (Major Cavendish). With him dead MI5 needs someone to replace him to infiltrate Schlecht, a Russian criminal organisation intent on killing some Russian diplomats and a ballerina.

Eric plays a café owner who unwittingly encounters a Schlecht agent who mistakes him for an operative and invites him to a party. In the café is Ern, an unimportant tea boy in MI5. Ern gets Eric involved and enlists him to stand in for the dead Major Cavendish. Eventually the Russians realise that Cavendish is dead and they turn their attentions to Eric.

Together they go through the typical spoof spy situations, trying to protect the ballerina from Schlecht agents. Removal of a dead body from a hotel room, poisoning a guest at a lavish dinner party, comedy chases through corridors and more.

A pleasant enough romp, but don't expect a laugh a minute.


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