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Welcome to the Morecambe & Wise website, dedicated to Britain's best and most loved double act, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.


Melaine at work
Melaine at work

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The Other Statue
Everyone knows about the statue of Eric Morecambe on the promenade of his beloved home town, but did you know there is another, less heralded statue?

The Ernie Wise Statue
Follow the progress of the proposed Ernie Wise statue in Leeds..

Ernie's Leeds
We track Ernie's young life in the suburbs of Leeds…

Ernie Unveiled
After over 2 years of work, the statue of Ernie finally gets unveiled in Morley

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Feature from 2009

You can read the full storey to find out the background of the project.

Stone July 2009
The stone has now been lifted into a verticle position so the work can continue.
Stone Roughing out the edges on scaffolding - work is progressing well.
Stone September 2009
The shape slowly begins to emerge.
Stone Details start to become clearer…
Stone December 2009
Most of the arduous work is done.
Now its down to the fine details.
Stone A face begins to emerge...
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