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11th May ...
A plaque is unveiled in honor of Eric at Teddington Studios.

14th May ...
Eric's Birthday

14th May ...
A plaque is unveiled in honour of Eric at 85 Torrington Park by the Variety Club od Great Britain

14th May 1974...
A luncheon attended by Eric & Ern at the Dorchester Hotel is screened by the BBC called This Is Your Lunch.

22nd May 1985...
RSPB launch the Eric Morecambe Memorial Appeal to raise money to buy a new bird reserve.

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Selected News:

New Book

Posted: 16th September 2018
To celebrate 50 years since the first BBC episode of the Morecambe and Wise Show, Gary Morecambe is releasing a book to commemorate the event. The book is an abridged version of his book published in 2013 and will be called 50 Years of Sunshine. Available soon.

Other News

Graffiti Spotted

Posted: 9th August 2019
New graffiti has been spotted in Morecambe featuring Eric in a Banksy-like style. The image appeared overnight on Deansgate, Morecambe and has residents wondering who could have done it. You can view the full details on the link below.
This is not the first time graffiti in the town has featured Eric, in 2014, artwork was sprayed on another wall.
New graffiti
Graffiti from 2014

New Four Part Series

Posted: 30th July 2019
A new series of specials is currently being filmed about Eric and Ern. The show, named Trust Morecambe & Wise will be broadcast in November and will feature Gary Morecambe and Lenny Henry (with guests) viewing and discussing clips.

Xmas Telly

Posted: 17th December 2018
Morecambe and Wise are again on TV over the festive season. We have gathered the dates and times for you, in case you want to record or watch live. View the details here.

Lost Episodes Found

Posted: 15th December 2018
Two episode thought lost from the first BBC series have been found in tact in a derelict cinema in Sierra Leone. The episode have been returned to the UK and will be broadcast on BBC Two over the festive period. The episodes did not appear on the DVDs, as they were assumed lost at the time, so this will be the first time they have been seen since original broadcast.

Ernest Maxin Dies

Posted: 28th September 2018
Earnest Maxin, the choreographer and eventual producer of many Morecambe & Wise shows has sadly died at the age of 95. Along with John Ammonds, he helped make the shows special with classic song and dance routines remembered by fans.

When he became producer, taking over from Ammonds, he poured even more effort into the routines with classics such as Singing In The Rain and Nothing Like a Dame becoming almost legendary.

He helped Eric and Ern reach the top of their game, producing shows that remain in the hearts of fans around the world.

We will publish our interview with him, conducted several years ago (but withheld on request) as a tribute very shortly.

BBC Release Unseen Pics

Posted: 3rd September 2018
To celebrate the 50 years since the first Morecambe & Wise show was screened on the BBC, the organisation has released unseen photographs of the comedy duo, never before seen. Many news sources reported on this, amongst them The Guardian.

The pictures range from behind the scenes shots, publicity shots and personal shots taken away from the studio. Some however are not new and will be familiar to some fans.
It seems odd that the BBC have chosen to forget Running Wild, the first failed series shown on the channel in 1954, instead focusing on the BBC series from 1968.

Regardless, the images are interesting to view and keep Eric and Ern in the public eye.

Xmas Theatre

Posted: 6th August 2018
If you fancy seeing some real live Morecambe and Wise this festive season, why not get yourself to The Lowry theatre in Manchester.

Jonty Stephens and Ian Ashpitel relive some of the greatest sketches, songs and routines. You`ll feel you`ve experienced the real thing and been taken back to a world of sunshine and laughter.

This is a must see for any Eric and Ern fan.

Movie Tease

Posted: 5th August 2018
From the previous news item, you will know about the efforts to raise money to produce a film based on the life of Eric Morecambe. If you want to see a little teaser of what it could look like, head over to Vimeo and check out Mr Sunshine – the teaser.. Fingers crossed this actually gets made.

Morecambe - The Film

Posted: 1st August 2018
A new film about the life of Eric Morecambe could be arriving soon if funding is found for the project. Based on the original play Morecambe staring Bob Golding, the film will be directed by Paul Hendy and written by Tim Whitnall. Bob Golding is set to reprise his role as the famous comedian.
This is something worth keeping an eye on.

Uncle Ernie

Posted: 8th May 2018
We have a wonderful new feature for you, sent to us by Jill. Many knew Ernie as a top class showman, a dancer, a song and dance man, Eric`s best friend and half a star. But to Jill he was just plain uncle Ernie. You can read her memories in this great feature.
We would like to thank Jill for letting us use this memoir.

Doreen Wise Dies

Posted: 29th April 2018
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Doreen Wiseman, wife of Ernie. Doreen met Ernie in 1947 and they married in 1953, remaining together up until Ernie’s death in 1999. She never remarried, claiming no one could ever live up the great man that was half of Morecambe and Wise.

Old Footage

Posted: 26th February 2018
Finally, after over 1 years work, previously lost footage of Morecambe and Wise has been stitched back together from a plate of goo. No, this is not a joke. An old film canister containing material from the first BBC series was found, but the film was in such a bad state, almost goo-like, special techniques had to be used to extract the layers of images.

The full fascinating story can be found on this BBC page.

The final film can be viewed on this BBC page.

Topping The Charts

Posted: 24th December 2017
Over on the Guardian website it seems Morecambe and Wise are still favourites at Christmas time according to recent survey. BBC researchers asked viewers to name their most memorable Christmas shows and Eric & Ern hit the top spot, beating even the Queen.

It is great that people still recall the brilliant shows and there is certainly a lot of Morecambe & Wise on this festive season.

Other shows making the top ten include Only Fools and Horses, Doctor Who, Two Ronnies and the Royle Family.

Read the Guardian feature.

Xmas Telly

Posted: 16th December 2017
The festive season will be good to us this year, with plenty of Morecambe & Wise things to watch. We have collated a list of shows to save you trawling through endless listings and you can view them here.

Unseen Xmas Special

Posted: 22nd November 2017
The BBC are to broadcast a 1 hour special at Christmas that will feature previously unseen footage of Eric and Ernie. The footage will come from home movies provided by the estates, and the show will include interviews with people who appeared in them along side the double act. One to keep an eye out for this year.

Last Laugh

Posted: 21st November 2017
Paul Hendy has written and directed what is probably the best short film about comedy we have ever seen. It is set is a dressing room and revolves around a conversation with Bob Monkhouse, Tommy Cooper and Eric Morecambe.

Staring Bob Golding, the man who was in the fabulous stage show `Morecambe`, this really is worth watching. It is funny, clever and poignant.

Watch on Vimeo

Rickshaw Challenge

Posted: 14th November 2017
The One Show`s Rickshaw Challenge in aid of Children In Need arrived in Morecambe on November 14th, and passed the Eric Morecambe statue. The crowds were out in force, so please join in and donate if you can.

Jensen Sold

Posted: 11th November 2017
The Jensen Interceptor once owned by Eric Morecambe, rescued from rotting away, sold to a UK car auction company and renovated, was sold recently for £95,625.

One of Eric`s favourite cars, and that also of his chauffeur, we hope this wonderful car gets a good home.

Braben Film

Posted: 24th August 2017
The BBC are to make a new biographical film about Eddie Braben, Eric and Ernie’s script writer for most of the career. Eddie, Ken Dodd’s gag man joined Eric and Ern when they left ATV for the opportunity to produce shows in colour.

Their writers did not follow them to the BBC and so Ken was drafted in. The rest, is history. The new film, named Eric, Ernie and Me will hopefully be ready for Xmas 2017.

On The Patio

Posted: 10th June 2017
From time to time on the web you stumble across an interesting article that makes you smile.
The Blackpool Museum Project interviewed Mr Tom Roberts, who has a remarkable patio. Over a period of time this patio was signed by stars of variety, including Ernie.
Read the interview here.