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Welcome to the Morecambe & Wise website, dedicated to Britain's best and most loved double act, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

Media Enquiries

There are many books, magazines, newspaper stories, videos, DVD’s and television programmes that cover Morecambe and Wise and yet there are still discrepancies and inaccurate information.

This can cause confusion and ill feeling, and there is really no excuse for little or bad research when producing an item to be consumed by the public.

Many sources are now over ten years old and more up to date information through tireless research has proven some of the details incorrect. On most occasions this is not a reflection of the original author, more a reflection of how time can bring out the truth, and how easier research can bring new evidence to light.

Since our inception we have helped many media companies produce a wide range of products from magazine articles, books, documentaries and films, such as the recent Victoria Wood drama, Eric and Ernie and the recent documentary on Ernie. For those we helped with period theatre material, props, bill material and vehicles, amongst other things.

Our service is free of charge and all we ask is a credit in the final product.

For accurate, well researched and up to date information, please contact us.