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9th March 1965...
Eric and Ern awarded Show Business Personalities of the year for 1964.

2nd March 1983...
Eric and Ernie`s hour long special, Variety Days, shown on ITV.

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Morecambe & Wise News 2014

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Eric Returns

Posted: 12th November 2014
The iconic statue of Eric is finally returned to the seafront in Morecambe, watched on by his family and a crowd of very cold people. Having been taken down on October due to a failed theft attempt, the fully repaired and strengthened sculture is now back where he belongs. You can read more details in our new feature.

Eric Morecambe Day

Posted: 31st October 2014
Following the attempted theft of the famous statue, there are now plans for an Eric Morecambe Day to celebrate it`s return and to continue to be a yearly event.
More details here

Funny Side

Posted: 21st October 2014
It seems the anger of the attempted Eric Morecambe statue theft has subsided under the circumstances and now the jokes are starting to appear. Some people say it was a plot by Des O`Connor, others are saying that Eric is legless at the moment, and a mysterious mural has appeared, sprayed on the side of a building.
Depicting the famous statue, words alongside state: `what would Eric Say?` Your guess is as good as ours!
On a brighter note, Lancaster City Council are hoping to get the statue back where it belongs before the end of the year.

Statue Theft Attempt

Posted: 12th October 2014
Around noon on Saturday 11th October 2014, news began to spread that the famous statue of Eric Morecambe was no longer stood on the seafront of his home town. No one really knew what had happened and there were rumours of vandalism, but who would do that sort of thing?

As the minutes passed, and worried residents began to head for the spot, it became apparent that the council had stepped in and taken down the statue as it was deemed unsafe to leave in its current state.

Shortly after it emerged that the statue had been the target of an attempted theft and someone had taken a saw to the leg in a bid to remove the bronze figure. Not completing the cut meant the statue was unstable, which is when the council stepped in.

Photographs soon appeared on various social media sites, sickening sights of the statue on the ground with just a foot left in place. Local residents and tourist alike were angry and sad that this could have happened, and questioned why anyone would want to do this.

The police announced that they had arrested a local male on charges of attempted theft, but this could not heal the harm already caused to the seaside town.

The statue is now being repaired and will hopefully be back where it belongs soon.

Eric Statue Broken

Posted: 11th October 2014
Reports are just coming in that the Eric Morecambe statue has been vandalised, and has been removed. Photographs on twitter from The Visitor newspaper show the statue on the ground apparently snapped at the ankle. This is sad news, and we hope to get more details as soon as we can.
It now seems it was an attempted theft and a man is being held by the police.

Top Of The Pile

Posted: 22nd April 2014
Eric and Ernie have been voted best human British pairing, beaten to the top spot by food. In the poll, commissioned by chocolate makers Elizabeth Shaw, the top two spots were taken by Fish and Chips and Tea and Biscuits followed by Morecambe and Wise at number three.
The full top ten were; Fish & chips,Tea & biscuits, Morecambe & Wise, Bacon & eggs, Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding, Sausage & mash, The Two Ronnies, Strawberries & cream, Sherlock Holmes and Watson and Marks & Spencer.

Eric and Ernie Live

Posted: 4th April 2014
The well-known live performance of Eric and Ern, previously only available on VHS, will be broadcast on Channel 5 on April 12th just after 10pm.
This brilliantly funny show was filmed at Croydon`s Fairfield Halls and features Eric and Ern at their very best; in front of a live audience.
This is not to be missed by comedy fans, a real treat.

Play Goes On Tour

Posted: 26th March 2014
Morecambe, the smash hit play staring Bob Golding will start its new tour on 29th March. The show, which is highly recommended is visiting most areas and a full list of dates can be found on their website here.

No Go For Pub

Posted: 25th March 2014
Wetherspoons` plan to name one of their newest pubs after Ernie has been halted. The pub, due to be named The Ernest Wiseman in Morley, Leeds, will now have another name as the Wiseman family declined the offer.

Ernie Cleans Leeds

Posted: 16th March 2014
With the arrival of the new Leeds Arena came a clean-up of the old Woodhouse Lane multi story car park and surrounding area. Between the car park and the new venue is an underpass, which has also been cleaned up.
On the walls of the underpass are quotes from people who are associated to Leeds. Amongst them is Ernie Wise, not Morecambe and Wise, but Ernie. Although Eric is mentioned, the display is definitely all about Ernie.

Eric Wins Award

Posted: 16th March 2014
Eric has been chosen as the recipient for this year`s Sunshine Ambassador Award 2014. The comedian who took his name from the Lancashire resort, and who’s statue dominates the sea front, has done a lot to draw people in.
The award will be received by his daughter Gail during the Sunshine Awards on May 2nd. It has been 30 years since he passed away and his statue still pulls in the crowds. Gail said her father wold have been really proud of the award, something from his town is always special.

New Website

Posted: 5th March 2014
Our new website has been launched, and after many months of hard work, we can finally let it loose on the world. We have made many improvements and completely re-written not only the site but the database too. More updates coming soon.

Ernie's Pub

Posted: 27th February 2014
Wetherspoon, the public house chain, is to open a new venue in Morely, Leeds, and hopefully give it the name of Ernest Wiseman. Morely hosts the statue of Ernie unveiled in 2010 by his wife Doreen, and now they want to name their new pub after him. Wetherspoon's are currently negotiating with the estate but hope to move ahead shortly.
Wetherspoon's already have a pub in Morecambe name the Eric Bartholomew, so this would compelte the duo.