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In This Month

21st April ...
Gary Morecambe's Birthday

16th April 1943...
Eric and Ern perform for the very first time on radio in a show called Strike A New Note.

21st April 1954...
Running Wild is first broadcast.

4th April 1964...
Series 4 of Two Of A Kind first broadcast.

19th April 1965...
The Intelligence Men is released.

11th April 1966...
That Riviera Touch is released.

8th April 1971...
The BBC broadcast series 5 of The Morecambe & Wise Show.

17th April 1973...
Eric and Ern get an award from the Radio Industries Club for best BBC TV show of the year.

27th April 1993...
The BBC show the documentory The Importance Of Being Ernie.

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Morecambe & Wise News 2012

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New Years Update

Posted: 30th December 2012
Find some time at last we have updated the site, back-filling several items, updating reviews and adding some new ones. The main change to current content is for the review and Episode Guide for Two Of A Kind Series 1. Thanks to a fan, we have changed the broadcast details and changed the review to reflect the content (our review copies were not complete).
We have added details about the new documentaries put out this year, those being Bring Me Morecambe & Wise (by GOLD) and Morecambe & Wise - Song and Dance (BBC). These have been added to the On The TV section.
We have also added a new article from 2009 published in Suffolk magazine that interviews Ann Hamilton.
Finally we would like to wish you all the best for the new year.

Eric Morecambe Hide Open

Posted: 28th October 2012
The original hide at RSPB Leighton Moss, opened by Joan Morecambe in 1986, has seen its fair share of wind, rain and storms, and was beginning to show signs of aging. The RSPB, helped by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Lancashire Environment Fund and Higher Level Stewardship, have built a new hide which was officially opened on Saturday 27th October 2012. Eric’s daughter Gail was invited to open the hide and was accompanied by Michael Fountain, Erics driver. You can read the full (extended) press release in our features section and see more image in our galley.

Lost and Found Review

Posted: 22nd October 2012
The latest book about Eric Morecambe has been added to our review section complete with details and our own review. Written by Gary Morecambe and Paul Burton, the book features anecdotes and stories from a variety of people along with previously unseen material including pages from Eric's notebook.

Bring Me More…

Posted: 17th October 2012
UK television station GOLD have extended the original documentary series planned for this year and now plan to show a series of five.
Each part will cover different aspects of Morecambe and Wise’s career and life and feature new interviews with friends and family.
Also promised is some rare and never before seen footage.
The first instalment can be seen on November 27th at 9pm.

Too Close For Comfort

Posted: 8th October 2012
Ernie finally made it to Hollywood - well almost. He appeared in a single episode of the US sitcom Too Close For Comfort. Despite our best efforts, trying to get hold of this was impossible, but luckily the episode was recently posted on Youtube.
Because we can not use the video on the site, even old ones, because we do not have permission, we have instead produced a breakdown of the show plus a few pictures.
Read about it here.

Joan Visits Morecambe

Posted: 27th September 2012
Eric Morecambe’s widow, Joan, paid a visit to the town that Eric took his name from for the first time since the iconic statue was unveiled in 1999. Joan, accompanied by her son Gary, were treated to a tour of the area in the car Eric used to drive.
Eric’s first Rolls Royce, rebuilt by Peter Yates (more here) was used to show Joan and Gary around the locations connected with Eric including his childhood homes, his parents homes, the location of the former football team’s ground Christie Park and of course the statue.
Joan was surprised by the Rolls, as it wasn’t expected, but thoroughly enjoyed the trip. She was also re-united with Eric’s Chauffeur Mike Fountain, who took the wheel of the car he used to drive for most of the trip.
We hope to have photographs from this event shortly.

Morecambe, Bamforth and Wise

Posted: 23rd September 2012
In the very early days of Eric and Ern's career, they formed a triple act with a lady called Jean Bamforth. We tracked her down to find out more, and produced a new feature. You can read all about Jean, the early days of theatre, young entertainers and of course the triple act, in our Morecambe, Bamforth and Wise feature.

Re-Discovered Film Online

Posted: 9th September 2012
As mentioned in a previous news item, an unseen corporate film from 1976 featuring Morecambe and Wise has recently been discovered. We were very kindly given permission to add it to our archives and also make it available online via our Video section.
We also have a Feature to accompany the film that tells the story of how it came about and the people behind it.
Not only that, but we also have photographs from the shoot in our Gallery section, kindly provided by the man who actually made the film.

Eric Morecambe Hide

Posted: 5th September 2012
Eric loved bird watching and I’m sure he would have been proud to put his name to a hide at an RSPB bird reserve. RSPB Leighton Moss reserve did just that, but time and weather has taken its toll and a brand new one is currently being built.
The Eric Morecambe hide has proved very popular and the new one is an exciting prospect for all bird lovers and visitors to the reserve. Work is nearly complete and the RSPB hope to officially open it in mid September.
If you ever visit Leyton Moss, be sure to go and see the new hide. Full details on the RSPB Leighton Moss website.

Unseen Film Discovered

Posted: 22nd August 2012
A previously unseen short film written by and starring Morecambe and Wise, has been uncovered by the owner of a production company while rummaging through his attic.
The short, eight minute film, sees Eric demonstrating how to sell a corporate product to an unsuspecting retailer, played by Ernie.
After a year of tracking down the now rightful owner (the company had been taken over several times) and getting the film into digital form, we have very kindly been given permission to add it to our archive and display it on the site.
We are working on the conversion and the feature that will accompany it right now, so keep an eye out for an update soon.

Two Of A Kind Series 2

Posted: 20th August 2012
Two Of A Kind Series 2 (ATV Series 3) DVD has been set for release on 11th Feb 2013. This package is now available for pre-order at most online retailers including Amazon. Sadly it won’t be in time for Xmas, but at least there is something to buy with any cash you get.

New Article from 1960

Posted: 12th August 2012
We have added a strange article from 1960, with Eric and Ernie being shown how to make a wooden shelf in the magazine Hobbies Weekly. If you fancy a bit of DIY and are in need of a shelf to disply your stuff, look no further.
Read the article here.

Band Waggon

Posted: 29th July 2012
After our exhaustive trawl through the Jack Hylton Archives, we can now bring you the first of our large features about the early life of Ernie and the stage show Band Waggon. This touring show, based on the radio hit, took ernie from young hopefuly to young professional in a few short years.
You can read the feature here.

Eric And The Torch

Posted: 24th June 2012
Those following the journey of the Olympic torch would know that it arrived in Morecambe on Friday 23rd June. The organisers decided it would be a good photo opportunity to include the Eric Morecambe statue. Despite the terrible weather we were sent some photos - View them here.

New Book

Posted: 19th June 2012
Eric Morecambe Lost and Found is a new book, collated by his son Gary, that contains many never-before seen photographs along with other rare material. Notebooks, sketches and anecdotes from across the country, compiled here for release 4th Sep 2012. Details and pre-ordering from Amazon

1939 Article Added

Posted: 9th June 2012
We have added a very interesting article to our archives from 1939. The event was the debut of a young thirteen year old boy by the name of Ernest Wisemen, who had travelled to London with his father to audition for Jack Hylton. So impressed was he, that he put Ernie on stage that night.
You can read the article in our archives yourself.

Morecambe and Wise GOLD

Posted: 7th June 2012
UK GOLD have commissioned a new five part series entitled - Bring Me Morecambe and Wise. The hour long episodes will contain some rare and never before seen footage of the duo, with comments from friends and family. We are looking forward to this new set of shows and hope it features some great and unseen clips.

Lost Tapes CD

Posted: 26th May 2012
The BBC are preparing to release a new CD containing, we hope, some of the contents of the garage tapes found in 2010 by Doreen Wise during a move.
These tapes contained many lost audio performances by Eric and Ern from the fifties and sixties, and for fans it was disappointing that none of it was released.
Now, Amazone and other online retailers have an item named Morecambe and Wise - The Lost Tapes, with a release date of 4th October.
The BBC have confirmed the release but have yet to confirm the contents.
Thanks to Andrew for the heads up.

Meet The Producer

Posted: 16th April 2012
John Ammonds has been a part of Morecambe and Wise since the very early radio days of YOYO. When they jumped to the BBC he was offered the role of producer and the rest is history. We proudly present a feature on his life, based on an interview we did several years ago.
Read the feature here.

Into The Archive

Posted: 15th April 2012
We are just back from an amazing trip that yielded some excellent finds and information. We were extremely excited to be given the privilege to view the Jack Hylton archives, based at the University of Lancaster.
Jack Hylton was heavily involved with the early life of Ernie and later Eric, even letting Ernie live with him for a period. He toured with Band Wagon and then Youth Takes A Bow featuring Eric and Ern as individual acts.
Our first visit produced some good data and old articles that we are currently putting together for several features and article additions.
Our thanks go to the University for their continued support.