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9th March 1965...
Eric and Ern awarded Show Business Personalities of the year for 1964.

2nd March 1983...
Eric and Ernie`s hour long special, Variety Days, shown on ITV.

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Xmas Television

Posted: 5th December 2011
This year seems like a bumper one for Morecambe and Wise shows and as usual we have compiled the shows available into a handy single page. We will keep this updated as we find out more.
Morecambe & Wise Xmas Schedule

Ernie Documentary

Posted: 1st December 2011
A new documentary about the life of Ernie Wise is currently being made that will air on Boxing Day 7pm on ITV1.
Press Release: The Unforgettable Ernie Wise
Ernie Wise was one part of the most popular and enduring double act this country has ever produced. A successful child star by the time he was twelve, he went on to become a consummate comedian and foil as one half of Morecambe and Wise. Behind the scenes, Ernie was a passionate traveler and from the 1950s onwards filmed his travels across Europe with his wife Doreen, and his trips to America and Australia with Eric. Using this previously unseen home movie footage and personal photographs, this one hour special reveals a man whose offstage life was as important to him as his fame. Friends, family and co-stars remember him as a charming and loyal friend.

Sullivan DVD

Posted: 11th November 2011
A new DVD of the American entertainment legend, The Ed Sullivan Show, has been released that features early appearences by Eric and Ernie. The DVD, like the previous one that captured the Beatles early in their careers, is aimed at rock fans with the focus firmly on The Rolling Stones.
Because the shows are fully in tact however, we also get to see the other acts that appeared with them, including Morecmabe and Wise. The DVD contains two appearences from 2nd May 1965; Wrong Trousers and Boom Oo Yatta Ta.
Thanks to Roy for letting us know about this release.
The DVD is currently on (not uk) but may see a PAL release.

Cleaning Eric

Posted: 4th November 2011
Ever wonder how the statue of Eric is kept clean? The bronze, larger than life statue stands on the seafront and is open to the elements all year round, not to mention the hundreds of people who touch, hug and even kiss him. One website visitor found out whilst at the resourt and sent us this link to a video he took. Watch the video here.
Thanks to David for sending us this link.

More Awards

Posted: 2nd November 2011
Eric and Ernie, the BBC drama by Victoria Wood has been given 3 nominations for this year’s RTS (Royal Television Society) awards. The awards are to be held at London's Savoy Hotel on 21 November and will be hosted by Myleene Klass. We wish everyone involved in the great production the very best of luck.

Comedy Carpet

Posted: 10th October 2011
Ken Dodd today unveiled Blackpool's Comedy Carpet, a huge walkway made of marble insribed with the names of comedy legends. Amongst the greats are Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, Frankie Howerd nad of course Morecambe and Wise. The carpet can be found at the Tower Festival Headland at the foot of Blackpool Tower. To see images of the carpet you can go to the BBC website and see if you can spot Eric and Ernie.

Competition Ended

Posted: 8th October 2011
The Little Ern competition is now closed and the winners will be notified in a few days time. Thanks to all those who entered and keep an eye out for more exciting competitions coming verysoon.

Mini Update

Posted: 8th October 2011
With a flurry of activity we have added a few new reviews to the site. First we have reviewed the new book, Little Ern which can be found in our Book ssection. Next we have a review of the new DVD, Two Of A Kind Series 1 which is in our DVD section.

Little Ern Competition

Posted: 24th September 2011
The brand new authorised biography of Ernie Wise, entitled Little Ern, will be released on 7th October 2011. Coming up at the same time we have agreat interview with the author, James Hogg, but right now you can win yourself a copy of this book by entering our competition. Just go to our Competition Page and answer the question. Good Luck.

Portrait Of Eric

Posted: 14th September 2011
Most people know about the Eric Morecambe statue on the sea front of his Lancashire home town, the stone statue of Ernie in Leeds and the fibre glass pairing in Hungerford, but there is another. Yes, that’s right, there is another statue, albeit a bust, of Eric that gets very little publicity. We didn’t know much about so we endeavoured to track down its creator, Victor Heyfron.
Read our interview with him in our new feature.

Sullivan Show Update

Posted: 18th August 2011
We have added four new appearence guides for the Ed Sullivan shows. The dates covered are; 24th May 1964 (x2 appearences), 26th July 1964 and 2nd May 1965.
You can view the appearences we have documented to date by visiting our Ed Sullivan Show section.

Gallery Updated

Posted: 15th August 2011
We have added a series of images of the new wax models, currently on display at Madam Tussauds Blackpool, to our gallery page. The amount of detail is outstanding - take a look and see for yourself on our Gallery Page.

Wax Models Unveiled

Posted: 12th August 2011
It has been nearly 40 years since the wax models of Morecambe and Wise first appeared in Madam Tussauds. It was February 11th 1972 when the rather odd looking figures were unveiled, even Eric said his own model looked more like Cliff Mitchelmore than himself. Still, they drew the crowds as Tussauds continues to do, especially with their newer, Northern exhibitions in Blackpool.
Since then technologies have moved on and the new models unveiled today (11th August 2011) at the Blackpool attraction are much more accurate.
Both of the comedians widows were on hand to officially launch the new figures and both agreed the newer versions were a more lifelike than their older, seventies equivalents.
Read our feature

Stella Re-Release

Posted: 11th July 2011
Eric Morecambe’s final novel, Stella, is going to be given a new lease of life courtesy of The Friday Project. Part of Harper Collins, The Friday Project has previously re-released Eric’s first novel, Mr Lonely in 2010, and edge towards the slightly obscure titles.
Stella was actually an incomplete manuscript found by Eric’s son Gary after his death, and with a little hard work was finally completed and published in 1986.
The Friday Project will also be making Stella available for electronic download for those of you who like to read on the go. The publish date will be 29th September 2011. For details about this book check out our review here.

Tussauds Confirm Launch

Posted: 8th July 2011
Madam Tussauds Blackpool have confirmed that there will be a launch event for the new models of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. Although currently on display, they have yet to be officially launched, and this is to be done mid-summer, possibly August.

Members of the Morecambe family will hopefully be there to do the honors and we hope to bring you a special feature covering the event.

Little Ern

Posted: 7th July 2011
We have added (belatedly) details about the new biography of Ernie Wise, titled Little Ern, written by James Hogg and Robert Sellers, to our books section. We hope to bring you a full review soon and an interview with the James Hogg.

Eric's Back

Posted: 13th June 2011
Back from a heart attack, and with his partner Ernie, Eric chats about his future and the future of Morecambe and Wise. A new article for our archives from 1969. Read the article.

BAFTA Results

Posted: 22nd May 2011
BAFTA evening again, and the Victoria Wood drama Eric and Ernie was nominated for two. How did they do?
Read our round-up.

ON TV - Cogan and Whitfield

Posted: 18th May 2011
We have added reviews of two DVDs that contain very early footage of Morecambe and Wise. Part of the ON TV series, the DVDs are Alma Cogan and David Whitfield. Even though the routines are very early, they do show promise and parts of the act from the 70s can be seen in their infancy.
View the review here

New Audio Feature

Posted: 13th May 2011
Finally, after a few weeks of tweaking and re-mixing, we can at last release our brand new audio feature, Edwin Drood. This piece accompanies our feature we did on the play some time ago and includes rare clips from show itself and segments of an interview we did with Martin Wimbush.

This feature looks at the show iteself, how it came about, Ernie's involvement and the sad demise just a few weeks into the run.

You can listen or download via our Audio Features page.