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9th March 1965...
Eric and Ern awarded Show Business Personalities of the year for 1964.

2nd March 1983...
Eric and Ernie`s hour long special, Variety Days, shown on ITV.

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Morecambe & Wise News 2008

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Bargain DVD Offer

Posted: 30th December 2008
If you didn't grab a copy of the Thames series you can now grab yourself a bargain over at the Network DVD site. They are offering 3 shows from the first series at Thames for just £1.94 (plus postage). That must be the best bargain about - espcially if you were holding off the Thames material. Visit the Network Site

All Go For Ernie Statue

Posted: 13th December 2008
News has reached us that the campaign to get a statue of Ernie erected in Morely (Leeds) can now go ahead thanks to Doreen Wise. Organised by the Morely Murals Committee and started by a letter to a local newspaper in December 2007, the campaign to get the statue was set back when the Peoples Lottery rejected the proposal. Now, Doreen has very kindly stepped in and offered to fund the new proposal of a stone statue, the design of which is still under discussion. We hope to bring you regular updates and features starting in the new year. Congratulations all round.

December Update

Posted: 8th December 2008
Welcome to the December update and what a feast we have for you this month. We have our recent interview with Joan Morecambe plus an update and ongoing article about the proposed Eric Morecambe museum. For full details check out the site updates. Hope you all have a great festive season and all the very best for the new year.

Xmas Special

Posted: 5th December 2008
The BBC have not forgotten Morecambe & Wise this festive season and will be bringing us an hour of comedy moments from the boys. Hosted by Paul Merton, the show called Morecambe & Wise – The Show What Paul Merton Did will be broadcast on January 2nd 2009 at 9pm. The show promises to include some very early material as well as some of their best sketches.

Site Update

Posted: 1st December 2008
Festive greetings to all Eric and Ern fans.....
This update we bring you our recent interview with Joan Morecambe..
Added a review of the Morecambe & Wise Quiz Book.
Updated our feature on Picadilly Palace.
Added a video clip of Eric and Ern getting their OBEs.
Added All About The Birds and The Bees - Radiio Times article 1974.
Added an article about the proposed Eric Morecambe Museum along with an audio clip from BBC Radio Lancashire.

Ern Statue Update

Posted: 26th November 2008
Despite a setback, the Morley Murals Committee are continuing their campaign to get a statue of Ernie in Leeds. They recently failed to get funding from the Lottery but are going to launch a new campaign in the new year. More details here.

Radio Special

Posted: 21st November 2008
Watch out for a 1 hour radio special to be broadcast on Radio7 at 12pm Sunday 23rd November. If you miss it you will be able to catch it again on the BBC iPlayer. The show is called There'll Never Be Another: Morecambe and Wise.

November Update

Posted: 5th November 2008
Welcome to our November update. This month we complete our special feature on Edwin Drood including an interview with Martin Wimbush. We have more music hall acts plus updates to the Eric Morecambe statue and more.

Site Update

Posted: 1st November 2008
Continuing our special feature on The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, we bring you our interview with Martin Wimbush and more pictures from the program.
Added The Sunshine Song to the songs section.
Added the new DVD cover to review of Night Train to Murder.
Finally got round to updating the Eric Morecambe Statue page.
For completeness, add video review of Night Train To Murder.
Added US covers to the three DVD films.
Updated the Musichall feature.

Eric Museum

Posted: 7th October 2008
There are plans to open a museum to Morecambe's favourite son, Eric. The man behind the recent Morecambe & Wise bus (see our article) is looking to open a museum packed with memorabilia from his family. This is not the first time this kind of venture has been suggested, but we hope that this time it will be successful. For the full story, see The Visitor.

October Update

Posted: 4th October 2008
This months update includes the first part of our look at The Mystery of Edwin Drood; the first play Ernie appeared in after Eric's death. We also have an interview with Paul Burton, author of the soon to be released book, The Morecambe and Wise Quiz Book. For full details about other updates this month, check the site updates section.

Magazine Feature

Posted: 3rd October 2008
The magazine, The Peoples Friend, is currently running a series of two articles on Morecambe and Wise. Taken from the recent book, Untold, the first article (out now) covers their early life. The second article will cover the war years.

Site Update

Posted: 1st October 2008
Added a better version of the Texaco Advert to the Video Clips.
Added a second Texaco Advert to the Video Clips.
Added a rare outtake to the Video Clips.
Added an interview with Paul Burton about his new book.
Added more magazine covers.
Added the first part of our feature on The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
Made small changes to our database thanks to George.

September Update

Posted: 6th September 2008
After a wet month we can finally bring some sunshine into your lives with our September Update. This month we have some nice goodies for you including a totally re-vamped video clips section and some new clips. Also worth looking at is a new audio clip with Eric and Ern cooking fruit chiffon Pie! Check out the latest updates for full details. We also received an email from a fan who told us about an error in our database, for some reason the email has been deleted so can who ever it was send it again?

Site Update

Posted: 1st September 2008
New article from 1967 about Sid and Dick called Those Two Fellers.
Added more Music Hall acts to our special feature.
Added a great audio clip - Cooking With The Stars!
Updated the Other Statue feature to include a photograph of the statue when it was at Parnham House (thanks to Mike Fountain).
Updated the Video Clips page.
Update to the Trivia section.

Statue For Morecambe

Posted: 21st August 2008
It looks like there is a possibility of Morecambe getting another statue next year if Graham Ibbeson has anything to do with it. He is proposing several ideas to get a statue of Ernie in the area, either replacing the existing one with Eric and Ern, or adding Ern to the existing layout, or even a brand new statue of both of them somewhere else in the town. Graham is the man who made the original statue of Eric that was unveiled by the Queen in 1999. You can read the full story in The Visitor newspaper.

Sad Day

Posted: 12th August 2008
On 12th August, it was announced, Sir Bill Cotton has died at the age of 80. His leadership at the BBC through the 70s proved to be the golden years of Television. Having recently interviewed him, we found him to be Incredibly nice and our thoughts with his family at this time. Please take a moment of your day to remember the man who brought us so many wonderful programmes and brought laughter into our lives.

M&W Bus

Posted: 4th August 2008
All aboard! 4th August sees the Morecambe & Wise bus launched outside the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. Read the full article and marvel at this brilliant form of transport.

August Update

Posted: 2nd August 2008
Summer is here - well at least for a few days anyway - and with it comes our August update. Our main update is our feature and short film entitled Ernie's Leeds. We have the final part of our interview with Sir Bill Cotton plus a special multi-article on Eric and Ern in our articles section. We also have a review of the cartoon book Bring Me Laughter.

Quiz Book

Posted: 1st August 2008
Thanks to Andrew, we were pointed towards a brand new book coming out in October. The Morecambe & Wise Quiz Book. You can read the press release in our books section.