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9th March 1965...
Eric and Ern awarded Show Business Personalities of the year for 1964.

2nd March 1983...
Eric and Ernie`s hour long special, Variety Days, shown on ITV.

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Morecambe & Wise News 2007

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Free DVD

Posted: 20th December 2007
Yes - you can get your own free Morecambe and Wise DVD right now. All you have to do is buy the Radio Times and send off a few stamps and you should get back a DVD featuring Morecambe and Wise and the Two Ronnies. Ours in on its way and we will put full details in the DVD section soon.

Network DVD

Posted: 20th December 2007
It looks like Network are making another attempt to released some Morecambe and Wise material. Advertised on various websites such as HMV and Amazon is The Morecambe and Wise Show - Series 1 complete. The 2 disc set runs in at 365 minutes and is set for release 17th March 2008. If its series 1 of the ATV shows or the Thames shows, we are not sure. More soon…

Series 4 DVD

Posted: 20th December 2007
The next DVD series release of the BBC shows, series 4, which was due to be released March 2008, has been put back to April. This is only an approx. date and the full details are yet to be announced.

New Years Day TV

Posted: 14th December 2007
Jonathan Ross will be introducing a 1 hour show at 6pm on New Years Day on BBC1. It will cover the story of Morecambe and Wise as they told it themselves through TV clips, interviews and appearances. It promises rare radio material and newly uncovered correspondence from the BBC archives. Well worth watching, so keep an eye out and we just hope you have recovered from the previous night by then.

December Update

Posted: 3rd December 2007
Our December update and do we have some goodies for you… Check out our recent interview with Gary Morecambe in MP3. Also there has been a huge database update with loads of new content. We still have more to add, but we thought we would release what we have now. Hope you enjoy it.

Site Update

Posted: 1st December 2007
Added a great audio interview (MP3) with Gary Morecambe.
HUGE database update! Still loads more to add too...
Added the recent UK Gold show to the TV section
Added a feature on The Play What I Wrote
For completeness we added the Rank films to the Video section
Added a short video of Cannon and Ball talking about Eric and Ern
Updated the details of Piccadilly Palace and added some colour pics
Also added this as a feature as some people didn't know about it.
Updated the Ed Sullivan feature.
Added alt cover for Eric and Ern book.
Added alt cover for Xmas audio CD.Tape.
Added a new book with a forward from Eric. (Angling)

Xmas TV

Posted: 26th November 2007
It looks like we are in for a treat this festive season. Both UK Gold and the BBC are both broadcasting Morecambe and Wise specials. Details are a little thin at the moment but the UK Gold one goes out 2nd December at 9pm and will probably be repeated a few times over Xmas.

Are You Listening?

Posted: 22nd November 2007
Listeners to BBC Radio Lancashire yesterday (21st Nov) around 5:15pm may have heard us on the John Gillmore show. We were in Morecambe to interview Gary (Eric`s son) and Mike Fountain (Eric`s driver) for the website. Our interviews with Gary and Mike will be published soon. Gary was in Morecambe to re-create an old photograph with an Eric look-alike which was broadcast on Granada Reports.

Xmas Competition

Posted: 13th November 2007
Hurrah! We have launched our brand new competition. You can win a copy of the new Morecambe and Wise Christmas DVD by entering our simple compo. Why not give it a try, just one simple question and it could be yours. Go on… you know it makes sense.


Posted: 11th November 2007
Simon - please contact us, we have some details about Joyce but your email is bouncing back! On a similar note, anyone contacting us please ensure you enter your email address right. Thanks.

Xmas DVD Review

Posted: 8th November 2007
We have just added a review of the brand new Xmas DVD from 2 Entertain. This brilliant 3 disc set is the best Xmas present any Morecambe and Wise fan could wish for. Read the review and go order it now.

Site Update

Posted: 3rd November 2007
The November updates are now live and we have added a few nice things for you to view. Check out our intrepid trip to find the missing statue and browse the press pack for That Riviera Touch. All this months updates are listed in the Updates section.

Confusion Over DVD

Posted: 2nd November 2007
There seems to be some confusion over the forthcoming DVD release from 2 Entertain. This BBC DVD, according to the official press release (see DVD page) is to contain the Christmas shows from 1969 to 1977 (the BBC shows). Now, posted on the BBC shop site, it claims to contain the Thames Christmas shows! UPDATE: The BBC had made an error and have now corrected it.

Site Update

Posted: 1st November 2007
Added a feature about the search for the lost statues.
Added News of the UKTV Gold voting
Added a new article from 1962
Added the second Press Pack section (see features)
Added a mini-review and details of the Giles book.
Added review and details for the book Stella.
Added review and details for Joke Book (funny ha ha)
Added details about Importance Of Being Ernie (TV section)
Updated the Trivia section


Posted: 11th October 2007
UKTV Gold are inviting viewers to vote for their favourite Morecambe and Wise routine. The winning sketches will be announced in early December shortly followed by a special programme. Click here to view the UK Gold advert or visit their website to view details and to vote.


Posted: 6th October 2007
We have launched our new competition. You can now win a copy of the brand new Morecambe & Wise book, Untold. All you have to do is answer three questions - easy. Why not give it a try, you've got nothing to loose.

Untold Review

Posted: 4th October 2007
It is not often a new book comes out about Morecambe and Wise, but October saw the realese of Untold. This stunning book covers the early lives of Eric and Ern as they learnt their trade through the variety theatres of the UK. Read our review, then buy the book - or better still, try and win a copy in our competition coming soon.

Site Update

Posted: 1st October 2007
Here it is - our October update. We have lots of good things for you this month including the concluding part of our Eddie Braben interview. We have news of a new competition, new articles and the offical press release for the Christmas DVD.

Site Update

Posted: 1st October 2007
Added review of the new book, Untold.
Added a review and details for the Passionate Pilgrim video.
Third and final part of our Eddie Braben interview released.
Complete Ann Hamilton interview released.
Added a feature on the lost footage added to the series 1 DVD.
Added Press Release for the Xmas DVD release.
Competition winner announced.
Added new article from 1962.
Added review and details of In Character book.
Added review and details of Roy Of The Rovers book.
Updated and added to the Gallery.

DVD Delayed

Posted: 28th September 2007
We have news from Network that the previously advertised DVD set will not be released this year. As to when it will be released, or wht the actual content is, we will have to wait and see. As one of the companies involved was Freemantle, we assume the contents will be from the Thames archive, but we'll keep you informed on any progress.